Delta Ambulance holds annual employee recognition to launch Emergency Medical Services Week

Launching Emergency Medical Services Week, Delta Ambulance held an employee recognition dinner and ceremony attended by members of Delta’s board of directors, management team, staff and family.

Awards were:

Clinical Standards Excellence Award — for superior delivery of quality patient care:

Ginny Brockway, Shawn Evans,Gene Hassen, Damian Brockway, Chris French, Jay Pfingst, Travis Burton, Michelle Grass, Phil Smith, Shon Dixon, Kevin Gurney and Steve Winn

Peer Recognition

Nick Richards & Randy Caswell

Patient Recognition — as garnered from unsolicited patient comments

Kirt Andert & Doug Hillman

Community Relations — for participation in community outreach events

Phil Smith & Jason McKinnon

Silent Hero — chosen by staff as the person most willing to go the extra mile

Brenda Smith

Longevity Awards — for length of time employed at Delta:

5 Years: Scott Routhier, Mark Weymouth, Eric Rood, Rodney Alderman, Michelle Grass, Jason Fairbrother, Peggy Veilleux

10 Years: Tiffany Stebbins, Rachel Williams, Randy Caswell, Chip Getchell, Ginny Brockway, Gene Hassen,

15 Years: Phil Smith, Scott Cook, Mike Choate

25 Years: Norm Mathieu

employee recognition
Left to right: Shawn Evans, Jay Pfingst, Kevin Gurney, Doug Hillman, Michelle Grass, Phil Smith, Gene Hassen and Joey Pfingst