“Your wheelchair van drivers are wonderful. No matter who shows up, they are always so caring and nice to the patient. The gentleman that showed up today was no exception.”

—Cindy, Hilltop Leaf

“Love Delta. I had a team transport my 3-year-old between Waterville and Augusta for a CAT scan, and then to Portland. They were the most friendly, comforting people I have ever met and they were especially awesome with my son.”

—Julie and Marshall

“I want you to know that your crews are great. They are timely. They are willing to get wet, to get dirty, and the patient is always taken care of.”

—Lynn, Whitefield Rescue Chief

“As a member of the Oakland Fire Department I would personally like to thank Delta Ambulance for your professional, prompt and reliable service to the Town of Oakland and surrounding communities.”

—Mark Stevens

“I would like to take this opportunity to Thank and Commend the individuals that responded that day… Their actions went above and beyond any of my father’s or my expectations. It is certainly reassuring to know there are such great people at our service.”

—Ginger Chase