Delta Ambulance accepts responsibility for protecting your privacy.

When you visit Delta Ambulance, we do not keep track of who you are.

Your IP address (Internet address of your computer) will be used only to assist us in measuring traffic on our Web site and to enable us to improve the quality of services we offer.

We collect personal information about you, only with your consent — for example, when you:

  • Register for courses
  • Apply for employment
  • Request specific information from our company
  • Require Patient care or Transport (Protected Health Information)

When you choose to provide the personal information that Delta Ambulance needs to fulfill services such as the above, we will take all the necessary steps and use the best technology to protect your personal data. Delta Ambulance will not give away, rent, or sell your personal data.

Protected Health Information

For information regarding our privacy practices pertaining to Protected Health Information surrounding patient care, please see our Notice of Privacy Practices Protected Health Information. 

Non-Discrimination Statement

For information regarding our non-discrimination practices, please see our Notice informing individuals about Non-Discrimination and Accessibility requirements.


If you have any questions regarding the privacy policy of Delta Ambulance, or if you would like to correct or update the personal information you provided to Delta Ambulance, please email Director of Compliance  &  Privacy.