When should I call for an ambulance? 

It is always safest to call. In an emergency, our ambulance brings expert medical care right to your home. Utilizing established medical protocols and online physician advice, we begin caring for you immediately.

Most people think of lights and sirens when you say ambulance, but that is not always true. Delta offers non-emergency transports when medically necessary, to and from your home, the hospital and nursing care facilities.

We are here to help, just call.

I have heard that an ambulance ride can be expensive. Do you offer financial assistance for expenses that insurance does not cover?

We will work with you to find the most affordable solution to your needs. The important thing is to get the care you need. Delta believes very strongly that everyone should have access to quality medical transportation.

Plus, to ease the burden on our customers, all billing is computerized and filed directly for the patient whenever possible. You won’t have to face a maze of insurance forms alone. Delta’s expert claims staff will work with you to maximize your reimbursement and minimize your out-of-pocket expenses. In the event your insurance does not cover our services, we will tailor a payment plan that meets your financial needs.

If I need an ambulance when I am alone, will I be alone for the ride?

With Delta you will never be left alone. Most people do not know what happens in the back of an ambulance. In your time of need, our friendly and compassionate staff will provide the necessary care to make you as comfortable as possible. We understand patients and families want to be informed of the situation at hand, therefore, we will do our best to explain what to expect.

If I have an emergency should I call Delta or 911?

If your community uses 911, then that is absolutely the best number to call in an emergency. Although Delta does provide emergency services to many communities, it may not to yours. If you need non-emergency services, 911 is not the appropriate number to call. For non-emergency services, just telephone Delta at 207-861-4244.