A Celebration of Life

Ron WithamOn January 22, 2012, Clinton resident, Ron Witham, was getting ready to leave home for a meeting. He felt dizzy, so he sat down. The feeling passed. Later, while meeting at Big G’s, a Winslow restaurant, he felt dizzy again. He says “But, I was already sitting down.”

He put a hand to his head—and that is all he remembers.

He was unresponsive. His friends lowered him to the floor, called 911, and began CPR. Winslow Rescue and Delta Ambulance were dispatched. EMT Adam Burgess was also at Big G’s when the call came over his radio. He quickly moved to help.

Winslow Rescue personnel and Delta Ambulance paramedics arrived a short time later. Ron was resuscitated from asystole (flat line) three times before he arrived at Inland Hospital.

One year later, January 22, 2013, Ron is alive, well, and thankful. He visited at Delta Ambulance in Waterville with the crew, who responded to him that day, for a short Celebration of Life. Ron told his story and thanked each one personally—and he brought an ice cream cake. “I consider this to be my new birthday,” he said.