New Director of Education

Kevin Gurney, MS, CCEMT-P, I/C


Kevin has recently been appointed Director of Education and, as a member of the senior leadership team, charged with the task of immediately refreshing any of our crews’ certifications that may  have briefly fallen aside during Covid. In addition he will be providing continuing medical education for both our staff and area rescue personnel as well as certain sessions and courses offered to the general public.

Kevin is talented and enthusiastic about his prospects.

Prior to joining Delta in 1998, Kevin had a combined five years of experience in the Pennsylvania EMS system and the University of Maine Orono’ s student ambulance. At Delta, Kevin has been a Field Paramedic, Field Training Officer, and Education Coordinator. Kevin holds many EMS Instructor Certifications including Critical Care Transport Certification from the University of Maryland –Baltimore County and holds a Maine State Firefighter I certification. Kevin has served on the Maine EMS Education Committee, is a Board member of Atlantic Partners EMS and is on the Executive Board of the Maine Ambulance Association. Kevin is the former Fire Chief of Industry (Maine)  Volunteer Fire Department and an active Leader in the Boy Scouts as well as an Eagle Scout himself.

Kevin holds an Associate’s Degree in EMS from Camden County Community College, NJ, a BS degree from the University of Maine Orono and a Master of Science in EMS Leadership from George Washington University.

Congratulations Kevin and Good Luck!