Emergency Response Services

Our highly trained and certified paramedic emergency medical care comes directly to you in life-threatening situations to provide the fastest care needed for people of all ages.

Routine Transfers

Delta provides safe and prompt transportation for non-emergency situations whether they occur at home, at work or between nursing care facilities and the hospital.

Specialty Care Transfers

Delta employs qualified staff to perform ambulance transfers for specialty care patients between hospitals or between a residential care facility and a hospital. (More)

24-Hour Paramedic

Delta offers responsive care from our team of highly trained paramedics 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is the highest level of care available. “We are there when you need us.”

Wheelchair Transportation Services

Delta provides safe, efficient alternative transportation for the non-ambulatory patient.
Read more about our wheelchair van services.

Cardiac Pacing

Delta utilizes mobile technology that allows our paramedics to maintain a patient’s regular heartbeat before and during ambulance transportation.

12 Lead EKG Monitoring

Patients needing an EKG reading will have the results transmitted to a hospital prior to their arrival. Delta crews utilize the newest technology available for this important procedure. 

Automatic Pulmonary Ventilation

Delta crews use state-of-the-art medical ventilation equipment to provide breathing assistance for patients. The automatic system allows a paramedic or EMT to provide other hands-on care as needed.

Basic Neonatal Transfer

Delta is one of the most experienced medical care companies in Maine when it comes to the transportation of newborn infants. Our qualified and caring staff provides safe transportation for infants on basic life support.

Stand-by Medical Coverage

Delta emergency medical crews regularly staff large community events and school sporting events.

Educational Demonstrations/Displays

Delta professionals promote public awareness of emergency medical services at local health fairs and community events. Delta also partners with others to promote health and safety issues, such as CPR demonstrations and blood pressure screenings. 

Speakers Bureau

Delta professionals are available to speak to organizations, schools and businesses that would like to know more about emergency medical services and the role of Delta employees in the community.


Delta regularly provides free adult CPR classes to the public. First aid, pediatric CPR, automatic defibrillator education, and CPR for the health care provider classes are also offered. Health care professionals can also benefit from Delta-lead classes for lifting and moving patients, early recognition and assessment, hazardous materials, and many EMS topics.